Meet Tamara D'Alessio

Tamara D'Alessio

Meet Tamara, our Vice President and Transport Director.  Tamara is the first smiling face our rescues see when they arrive from having made the chilling journey from kill shelter to rescue.  With open arms and an overflowing heart, Tamara transports our new rescues to our foster family rendezvous location where they are picked up by their temporary families. It's truly a joyous moment.  The day we lost Rosemarie, Tamara came to me and said "Susan, what do you need, whatever you need I'm all in" and we've been inseparable since.  A true champion for the animals, and a kind-hearted compassionate friend, we're grateful to have her on our team.



P.O. Box 3191

W. Caldwell, NJ 07007