Co-Founders:  Rosemarie Cafiero and Susan Janett Paige

Meet Rosemarie        RIP


Meet Susan

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 It is with profound sadness that we must share the passing of our beloved co-founder and inspiration, Rosemarie Cafiero.  Rosemarie devoted her life to rescuing abandoned pets and wanted nothing more than to save lives to the very end.  She fought a brave and ferocious battle with cancer, wanting only more time to foster.  We will honor Rosemarie's 40 years of rescue, by continuing to save lives and make a difference.  Click here to read her beautiful obituary.


Rosemarie was my best friend and mentor and I dedicate our small, friendly Rescue Organization to her memory - Susan

Rosemarie Cafiero was the founder and former president of Orphaned Pets for 26 years prior to creating Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch with Susan. She participated in more than 7000+ rescues during her tenure at the the helm before she passed away.  Susan Janett Paige  worked side-by-side with Rosemarie as her partner in rescue for over a decade.   "This new group reflects our passion for the animals we save and the volunteers who participate.  It takes a village."


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